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Internet at its genesis was a great Information sharing tool. But now it has more “sales” content than “knowledge” content. Also, the “sales” content over advertise/distribute their content compared to the “knowledge” content. This dual effect has led to this situation where searching for something on internet takes a long time to get a relevant useful answer. With the ever-expanding reach of internet and entrepreneurs and businesses leveraging it to increase their revenue has led to internet being very spammy.

Sergey Brin and Larry Page started organizing world's information in 1998 and since then the small idea has evolved into the behemoth known as Google. Over last 25 years or so Google has become synonym with internet. With so many search engines and optimizations in last two decades is there any thing else to be done. Our answer is an empathetic yes.

Gistrr attempts to reorganize internet by creating a “small web” which is the small “knowledge” content of the internet. This small web will take internet back to the days when it was a tool for collaboration and idea exchange.